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Miniature Paiinting depicting the Hollow Tree with Ceremonial Sawthes and Stays Oil on  panel , 10 x 10 cm 
Ceremonial Square Urn  depicting  ball, void and shroud alchemical designs used in the Ball Ceremony , Ceramic, oil, beeswax and gold, 13 x 13 x 15cm 
Solemn Rock .jpg
The Solemn Rock  Ceremonial Stone -Ceramic, oil, liquid gold, beeswax and leaf gold,- 22 x 26 x 10 cm 
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Collection Archives showing Pastijware;  gnarlement  knot moulds,  The Hollow Tree ' depicted in miniature on panel and  ring; mined pulhamite and various postcards 
Collection Archives displaying ceremonial objects including  papboats, shells and plates.
miniature statuary fountain .jpg
Miniature statuary urn .jpg
Miniatures depicting statuary - Fountain (left) and Urn  (right)

Joanna Whittle 2021