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Relics od D0>  Installation at Site Gallery in 'Heavy Water', 2021

Platform 20: Heavy Water (Site Gallery)

"Heavy Water is a homecoming – a collective return from relative isolation to the land. The group exhibition explores humanity, transience and the lure of the natural world; from rituals of mourning to the secrets of matriarchal moss colonies and the historic migration of humans across lands in the search of peace, of freedom.

Presenting work developed during their time on the Freelands Artists’ Programme, Maud Haya-Baviera, Victoria Lucas and Joanna Whittle’s interdisciplinary exhibition weaves historical narratives with fiction and mysticism." Site Gallery 2021

The group now work together as the Heavy Water Collective. 

Left: Relics of D0>  
ceramics and artefacts in display case, materials include ceramic, beeswax, parafin wax, hemp, cotton and satin cord, gold leaf gold, felt, dimensions variable, 
Platform 20: Heavy Water, Site Gallery, 
Sheffield, 2021. Photo: Jules Lister

Heavy Water at Site Gallery, installation - photo Jules Lister
green tent 052 2.jpg

Left: Heavy Water (installation view), including the work of Maud Haya-Baviera and Victoria Lucas alongside shrines and Relics of D0>

Platform 20: Heavy Water, Site Gallery, 
Sheffield, 2021. Photo: Jules Lister

Joanna Whittle - Green (Dark Water) in shrine, 2021.jpg

Left: Green (Dark Water), oil on canvas, 15 x 22 cm, and (above)  in wooden shrine constructed from recycled materials and adorned with varied fabrics and fabric flowers, overall 95 x 52 x 14cm approx., Platform 20: Heavy Water, Site Gallery, Sheffield, 2021. Photo (above) : Jules Lister

Joanna Whittle_ Forest Accretion_ Oil on copper_21 x 15cm_2021.jpg
Joanna Whittle_ Mountain Void Box_2021.jpg

Above: Relics of D0> , Mountain Void  Box 

Ceramic box, coated with gold and wax and tied with cord and metal ring.

8 x 5 x 4 cm

Above: Forest Accretion, Oil on copper, 21 x 15 cm, 2021

Platform 20: Heavy Water, Site Gallery, 

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