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Bethlehem Boys Club 3

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Great to be part of the 3rd iteration of Bethlehem Boy's Club- in good company....

"Set up by artist Al Daw, Sidney + Matilda is an independent gallery, creative project space and social club in a former paper factory on Sidney Street. Its aim is to incubate regional artistic talent and to introduce national and international artists to Sheffield. Join Sidney + Matilda this December for a new show of presents, just in time for Christmas.

Bethlehem Boys Club is a seasonal group show providing an alternative take on the season of goodwill. Over thirty regional, national and international artists share work that tackles themes of religion, politics, ritual, identity and consumer culture, from paintings to print to drawings – assembled against a backdrop of mulled wine, mince pies and live performances from The Dublo and Grub. The bar will be serving craft beer on draft, and all work will be on sale alongside prints, merchandise and more available in the gallery shop."

The artists: Mir Jensen / Mikk Murray / Cat Roissetter / Paul Morrisson / Mandy Payne / Al Daw / Jo Whittle / Paul Giovanni / Ingrid Berton Moine / Bede Robinson / Kaye Mitchell / Felipe Campos Peres/ Rachael Kidd / Ben Cooney / Arantza Pardo / Conrad Armstrong / Joe Ridgeon / Kieran Ingram / Molly Palmer / Ryan Mosley / Sharon Kivland / Stanley Donwood / Pete Bennett / Tony Squance / Tom J Newell / Connor Rodgers / Mila K / Marc Berger / Robin Megannity / Jim McElvaney / Ian Justice / Edwin Aitkin / Dan Cimmerman / Sean Williams

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